Dec 05, 2023
It took our face-to-face industry only two years to essentially recover from the most serious pandemic in more than a century. The industry has managed to deal with global inflationary pressures not seen in a generation. On top of that, we have faced new wars and growing geopolitical tensions.  Despite all of those challenges, our industry has recovered and returned to growth mode. And as investor fantasies around the metaverse and virtual events imploded, there is no lack of investors willing to put their money into our industry and our core business model.  All of this is quite remarkable… more
Nov 28, 2023
Trade shows can offer businesses the single best form of marketing: one-on-one contact in a highly-charged selling atmosphere. Your actual booth space is a key component in that success. Companies with the budget and branding resources to secure a large booth have an advantage, but every company has an opportunity to shine. Whether your booth is 100 or 10,000 square feet, this is your chance to have a physical piece of real estate as your own personal store front – a rarity in today’s world of Zoom meetings and online sales. Location. Location. Location. This truism is even more important at… more
Nov 14, 2023
Standing out and getting noticed at a trade show can be tough. With fleeting attention spans, the key is to captivate your audience through effective online strategies. How can you make your presence not only noticed but also remembered? That’s where the magic of optimizing online traffic engagement at trade shows comes in – your ticket to capturing attention and igniting a lasting digital buzz. Here are the top five strategies to elevate your trade show game into a digital sensation, especially if you want to promote organic traffic.  1. Pre-Event Buzz with Social Media Utilize the power… more
Nov 06, 2023
Creating a network of valuable trade show contacts requires a holistic approach. Preparation and follow-up are equally vital as on-site performance. Networking at trade shows works in the same way it does in other aspects of life. The only difference is that you have a true ally on your side during the trade show: a fantastic display with convincing booth workers. Trade shows exhibits have always been essential for industry professionals to forge valuable connections, promote products and expand business horizons. Success hinges on innovation and efficiency, and networking at trade shows is… more
Oct 31, 2023
As marketers, we understand that every dollar in the budget counts, and trade shows often represent the most significant investment in our budget. Most exhibit programs are treated like checklists, but they require a more strategic approach to deliver on business objectives. This ongoing pressure leaves marketers wondering how to create measurable and memorable exhibits that align with business objectives.   Most exhibit marketers have experienced returning from a trade show, and the CEO asks, “How was the show?” That’s a touchy, and often dreaded, question. If you have no clear metrics to… more
Oct 24, 2023
Planning is an essential part of creating an engaging and successful exhibit experience. The process requires attention to detail, time management and clearly defined objectives. If you have felt overwhelmed or unsure where to begin, here are five tips to help you get started. 1. Outline Your Exhibit Strategy and ObjectivesWhy are you exhibiting at the trade show? What are the reasons you chose a particular trade show? These are essential questions to ask when planning your exhibit. Determining your marketing goals and business objectives is vital to developing a strong exhibit strategy.… more
Oct 06, 2023
Sustainability is not just a trend within the trade show industry; it’s a foundational aspect of our operations. A task force of exhibition industry leaders recently released a report, revealing significant data encouraging us to adopt more environmentally conscious practices.  Emerald Carpets, an Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA) member and industry partner, has contributed to this shift with its recent white paper on carpet usage (see link below). Initially adopted for economic reasons in the 1970s, reusing carpets has become a cornerstone of sustainability, making… more
Oct 03, 2023
In the whirlwind world of trade shows, where hordes of companies are elbowing their way into the spotlight, making your mark is like a real-life game of “Where’s Waldo.” Amid the frenzy of companies vying for attention, it might seem like a waste to offer trade show swag for fear of it ending up in the trash. However, well-executed and unique swag that promotes your brand is worth the effort. So now we come to that question in the minds of everyone running a trade show booth: How do I offer event swag that people actually want?  Why Trade Show Swag Matters At conventions and trade shows,… more
Sep 26, 2023
Sustainability is a hot topic in events. In the age of climate change and heightened environmental awareness, it’s important to ensure that events are as sustainable as possible. Fortunately, one energy-efficient lighting technology can help do just that: LED.  LED screens and energy-efficient lighting offer numerous benefits for event organizers and exhibitors  looking to reduce their environmental footprint while also making an economic impact – i.e., saving you money on your event budget.  Brighter, dynamic and more engaging screen displays on LED can take the event to the next level,… more
Sep 19, 2023
Did you know that “event planning” has been ranked among the top 10 most stressful jobs since 2012 with Forbes putting us at the high spot of number 5? With the hustle and bustle of the fall event season upon us, it’s important to remind my fellow event marketing folks to prioritize our physical and emotional health.  How can event professionals incorporate wellness into their planning and work-life balance?  Nationwide, issues of mental health are on the rise, and being subject to the anxieties and stressors of event planning can elevate these issues if we don’t incorporate steps to… more
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