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Exhibit News Now is a FRESH online news source for exhibit managers, event marketers, and corporate event planners. We have 7,000+ contacts in our database, which grows daily. 

Exhibit News Now was launched by Trade Show News Network, the top online news source in the trade show industry, as well as Corporate Event News.

There are other publications focused on exhibit and event marketers, but what makes Exhibit News Now DIFFERENT is the rich database of industry contacts already reading our other publications – TSNN and Corporate Event News – who now will be reading Exhibit News Now.

In other words, our readers are the people who YOU want your brand to reach!

Exhibit News Now Audience Reach

Total Audience - Web Site and E-Newsletter – 50,000+ month

E-newsletter Audience – 30,000+ month

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John Rice
VP of Sales, Tarsus Media

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For the past 18 years, BlueHive Exhibits has been a steadfast partner for both national and international companies, catering to their trade show and event needs.