Apr 11, 2023
With limited time and a never-ending to-do list for booth design and logistics, you may have overlooked one of the major keys to success as an exhibitor: attendee acquisition. This is a mistake. While it’s true the event organizer is responsible for attracting industry professionals to the convention city during the trade show, as an exhibitor you are responsible for getting the right professionals into your booth when the exhibit hall opens. To succeed as an exhibitor, you'll need to add one more set of tasks to your list: supporting the show's attendee acquisition efforts. The good news… more
Apr 03, 2023
When exhibitors fail to achieve their desired results at shows, they often blame it on a bad booth location or not enough traffic. But the truth is that exhibits in out-of-the-way locations can see amazing results, and even a ghost-town show can produce quality leads – IF exhibitors get strategic and avoid basic self-defeating behaviors like these. 1. Neglecting to promote the exhibit before the show. Having a great display or being a household name in your industry doesn’t guarantee a busy booth. Make a plan to invite people ahead of time, either online or off. Give them reasons why your… more
Mar 15, 2023
Recently, I had a phenomenal connection with an exhibitor at an industry trade show. We really clicked, the conversation flowed, and their solution looked like a good fit. So when I got an email from this person after the show, I was excited to open it. Unfortunately, it was a generic follow-up email probably written by their marketing department. This was just a complete letdown. I was seriously excited to connect again, but then I started to wonder if maybe I was thinking about a different company. Or maybe I didn’t remember the conversation the same way. Or maybe the solution was not as… more
Mar 06, 2023
The pandemic brought every business that relied on in-person meetings, from multinational corporations to small local businesses, to a grinding halt—effectively emptying convention centers and shuttering hotels. Though many events were canceled, some organizers created virtual events to keep in touch with exhibitors and retailers, albeit digitally.   Today, life and business are slowly finding relative normalcy. Trade shows are back, and in-person events are on track to gain massive amounts of attendance. Although many people are excited to interact in public spaces with others again, it is… more
Mar 06, 2023
Everywhere we look, from every cybersecurity firm that is monitoring the situation, the data indicate an ever-increasing level of cybercrime activity. Cybercrime is the ultimate Energizer Bunny—it just keeps going and going with increasing volume. These are data-driving insights. It is not media hype created simply to drive the cybersecurity industry, but rather hard facts seen from all angles and through all lenses and corroborated by both corporate, nonprofit and government measurements.  Have you stopped to ask why this increase continues and maybe more importantly, why cybercriminals are… more
Mar 06, 2023
As soon as I heard about ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) – an AI chatbot program from a company called OpenAI that gives detailed answers to questions in a matter of seconds – my interest was instantly piqued. I first heard about it when a professor was on the news talking about how students were using it to write assignments and how the professor thought it was easy to tell when the students did. I also heard a recent marketing podcast on which it was debated if and when the chatbot program could take over basic copywriting duties. The jury definitely still is out on the… more
Business leaders are increasingly asking their marketing teams to innovate upon key performance metrics—that’s how we create, assess and use measurements to drive superior outcomes. Consumer preferences and trends today are evolving at a rapid speed and frequency. To keep pace, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is needed for organizations to collect data, analyze and extract actionable insights.  Event marketers have long been siloed, operating under the assumption that events were the sole critical touchpoint in a buyer’s journey. That’s no longer the case, as event leaders realize AI… more
QR codes are proving to be a winning solution for many companies around the world. British Airways uses them to cut down on queues. Italian fashion brand Diesel uses them to authenticate apparel. And video game developer Cygames used 1,500 drones in Shanghai to replicate a giant QR code in the sky that people could scan to access a game.  The point? With QR codes, you can eliminate friction points and show off your creativity. When it comes to trade shows and other business events, QR codes can give attendees a streamlined, engaging experience. Part of the beauty of using QR codes for… more
I have daily conversations with frustrated exhibitors who have had to make the tough decision to back out of a show because they couldn’t justify the spend. Some of those who have asked their show organizer for data or support are turned away with no help.      Are they talking to the wrong person — someone who doesn’t realize the importance of cultivating a market where both exhibitors and attendees are empowered to find each other? In some cities and at some shows, costs are rising so high that exhibitors are asking if they can create their own event in a hotel for less money and have… more
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