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talkTrade Show News Network is excited to share our ‘Trade Show Talk’ podcast which features two episodes each month focusing on hot-button topics. Each episode kicks off with a news round up before host Danica Tormohlen leads discussions with trade show and events industry leaders. If you'd like to be a guest or you have a topic to suggest that we cover, please let us know by emailing podcast@tsnn.com. If you would like to sponsor a podcast series, please contact jrice@tsnn.com 

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Ep. 54 - Honeycomb Strategies CEO Lindsay Arell: Pioneering Sustainability in Live Events 

Lindsay Arell joined Trade Show Talk to share her experience as the CEO of Honeycomb Strategies, a consulting firm she launched in 2009 to provide innovative sustainable operational strategies for the hospitality, sports and events industry. Today some of her clients include: SoFi Stadium, Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Informa, Emerald, Freeman and VISIT DENVER. In April 2024, she was also appointed chief sustainability officer of ASM Global, a venue management company that operates more than 350 convention centers, arenas, stadiums and theaters around the globe. We talked about her ambitious plans to execute a portfolio-wide framework for reaching sustainability goals like diverting more than 50% of waste overall and eliminating front-of-house single-use plastic by 2025. She shared insight on sustainability trends and challenges right now and what’s meaningful when it comes to event and venue certification. Find out why she thinks sustainability has (finally) shifted from obligation to opportunity in 2024.

Our guest

Lindsay Arell has been pioneering sustainability efforts for the live event industry for two decades for professional sports teams, venues and events of all kinds. She began her career in the industry in 2003 as event manager at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

She also worked at Freeman before returning to the Colorado Convention Center as the country’ s first Sustainability Manager for a convention center. Her first big event was the Democratic National Convention, in which the Denver mayor had the goal for the most “sustainable convention in history.”  

After that success, she launched Honeycomb Strategies in  2009. Honeycomb Strategies is a consulting firm devoted to innovative and sustainable operation strategies for the hospitality, sports, and events industry. Going beyond the environment, the company approaches sustainability as an opportunity to engage and create community. Rather than a checklist, they work with partners to understand their goals, priorities, and impacts of today and for the future.

Today some of her clients include: SoFi Stadium, Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Informa, Emerald, Freeman, and VISIT DENVER.

In 2022, Arell was tapped to led the development of the ASM Global Acts Sustainability Plan, an ambitious, portfolio-wide framework for reaching sustainability goals for the world’s largest venue manager. In 2023, ASM rolled out its plan to convert its portfolio into the most sustainable venues on Earth. In April 2024, she  was appointed chief sustainability officer (CSO) for ASM Global.

Arell is past Chair of the Event Industry Council Sustainability Committee. She is based in Crested Butte, Colo.

Her LinkedIn profile is available here.

Podcast Host: Danica Tormohlen

danicaAn award-winning journalist who has covered the trade show industry since 1994, Danica Tormohlen is VP of Content for Informa. In her role, she oversees editorial for Trade Show News Network, Corporate Event News and Exhibit News Now. These leading media brands publish websites, newsletters, social media channels, video, podcasts and online and in-person programming for the trade show, corporate event and exhibition industries.

Tormohlen currently serves on the executive committee for the Women in Exhibitions Network North America chapter. She has been a speaker and moderator at major industry events, including the TSNN Awards, IMEX, IAEE, SISO, UFI, ESCA and Large Show Roundtable — to name a few.


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