Guide to Incorporating Tech in Trade Show Networking

November 6, 2023

Connor Bartholomew

Connor Bartholomew is CEO of Trade Show Display Depot, a factory-direct seller and manufacturer of trade show exhibits.

Creating a network of valuable trade show contacts requires a holistic approach. Preparation and follow-up are equally vital as on-site performance. Networking at trade shows works in the same way it does in other aspects of life. The only difference is that you have a true ally on your side during the trade show: a fantastic display with convincing booth workers.

Trade shows exhibits have always been essential for industry professionals to forge valuable connections, promote products and expand business horizons. Success hinges on innovation and efficiency, and networking at trade shows is no exception. Seasoned industry experts already understand the significance of networking, but what if there was a way to enhance your networking experience even further? 

Embracing the Power of AR and VR

Gone are the days of static pamphlets and videos to showcase your products. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) revolutionize marketers’ engagement with their audiences. Here are the benefits of incorporating AR and VR into your trade show strategy: 

·      Dynamic product showcases with AR

·      Immersive experiences through VR

·      Increased foot traffic to your booth

·      Boosted brand exposure

·      Foster genuine enthusiasm

By using AR and VR at trade shows, you position yourself as a forward-thinking industry expert capable of delivering captivating and memorable experiences to your audience. 

Leveraging Mobile Apps and Social Media for Seamless Networking

When you embrace mobile apps and social media, you take your trade show networking to a new level. It’s not just about connecting with potential clients during the event. It’s about nurturing those relationships and fostering business growth all year round. Here are the practical benefits of incorporating these tools into your trade show strategy:

·      Effortless data collection with mobile apps

·      Seamless networking with social media

·      Building lasting relationships

·      Maximizing networking opportunities

·      Real-time engagement 

AI-Powered Efficiency with Chatbots and Intelligent Systems 

AI is the game-changer at trade shows, empowering smart decision-making. A smart registration system fueled by AI curates personalized content and suggests relevant sessions based on attendees’ data, such as demographics and interests, enhancing meaningful interactions. Benefits include:

·      Personalized content recommendations

·      Streamlined communication with AI chatbots

·      Anticipate attendee needs

·      Optimized event planning 

Ensuring Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Addressing cybersecurity and data privacy concerns is essential as technology becomes more ingrained in the trade show experience. With valuable information circulating in digital spaces, safeguarding sensitive data is paramount. Trade show organizers should implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect attendee information and maintain their trust. 

Enhance Your Trade Show Experience with Tech Advancements

As industry experts, you grasp the significance of networking at trade shows. Embrace cutting-edge techs like AR, VR, mobile apps, social media and AI chatbots. Engage attendees, gather data, build connections and optimize event planning. Stay ahead by utilizing these powerful tools for an unforgettable trade show journey.


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