5 Post-Show Strategies for Event Marketers

March 18, 2024

Tamar Beck

Tamar Beck is CEO and Co-Founder of Gleanin, a community marketing platform that provides powerful word-of-mouth tools that reach and convert new attendees for events. Prior to Gleanin, Beck was a portfolio director at Reed Exhibitions UK for 15 years.


Do you have a post-event strategy?

While we pour our time, energy, creativity and strategic thinking into maximizing pre-registrations, there's so much untapped value post-event.

Here are my top five ideas to include in your post-event plan:

1. Build deeper connections and reward loyalty

Send personalized thank you notes to your event stakeholders, share event highlights and keep them informed about future events. Enroll attendees in a loyalty club and acknowledge their importance to the brand. Appreciate them, and you’ll increase advocacy and future commitment.


2. Gather valuable feedback

Your attendees are your most important critics. Use post-event surveys and polls to collect feedback that will help you improve future events. Attendees will appreciate having their voices heard and seeing improvements based on their input.


3. Extend the life of your event content

Repurpose presentations, panel discussions and Q&As into blog posts, webinars and social media snippets. Share event highlights and recaps, including those created by attendees. Distributing high-value content after the event will keep your audience engaged, attract new prospects and provide lasting value to attendees.


4. Organize micro-events and webinars

Keep the momentum going by hosting smaller, targeted events that dive deeper into specific topics or present exclusive content from your main event. As a result, attendees will benefit from additional learning opportunities and networking.


5. Foster brand advocacy and build a sense of belonging

Engage with your audience long-term by providing opportunities to become brand ambassadors or participate in user groups; reward engagement with exclusive perks or recognition. Empower attendees to actively shape your events and make it easy for them to bring in their peers through word-of-mouth marketing.

By weaving these activities into your post-event plan, you can extend the event's value, create brand advocates, monetize attendees and sponsors, and build a pipeline for the next event.

Don't let the conversation end when the curtains close.


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